Serial Library passage July 4

4 Jul

Do you ever wonder what’s the last thing you’ll ever do? There are so many people looking in mirrors down here, Septum. Asking mirror questions of all the many mirror people. Wondering where they’ve got themselves into today and what they’ve got left of themselves, and just when will they be rendezvousing again with that old self they once knew so well but lost somewhere along the way. And Femur knew well that this was what people were looking for, and this she went looking for in Septum, in the city of Septum, on the lost weekend of ’82.

The tunnel of air you exist in shreds momentarily leaving you exposed. You smell the breath of truth as it comes raining down, as it turns the world blurry and runs down the edges of the world, collecting in pools at the base of your bum, where you sit naked in the puddles in front of your townhouse.

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