Serial Library passage Sept 7

7 Sep

At Maria Shchuka Branch, where only God can make a difference, I heard the music again. People tend to get excited. My big guy takes control when the lights go out. Relationships get cultivated. He fucks other women. I know. I don’t know if this should be a bad thing. When I stand on the round brown hill on the other side of my life and look over the vast rolling land at the sun’s rays fingering the horizon, I have to wonder. Might wreck a book tonight. Or free a life. It all depends. It’s all possible. It never ends. Life is a book. Life of a book. Life in a book. Life. Books. Which will it be, my Scottish prick.

You knew that wasn’t gonna be so good
because it was stupid.
Too perfect.
Leave me alone.
Don’t you see?
Here I am.

Look: I don’t pretend to understand anything. I don’t pretend to know why you have gone away. I only pretend that you are coming back.

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