Serial Library passage Sept 22

22 Sep

It was what they liked to call a ninety-nine cent variation, but Justice refused to let it colour his day. He continued on, looking for the little nanite that would change his life. What fell out of the air most days was mechanical. It happened unexpectedly, and only because… yes, there was no denying it… it was destined to happen. Yet there was no way to predict what would happen. The air would happen. The air would always happen. But the air took on a different intensity each day, a different density in the moment, a different dimension altogether whenever you foolishly presumed to look away. But all that changed the day Justice first began to see in colour. But he only saw in colour sometimes. Sometimes he didn’t see at all. And, despite appearances to the contrary, when Justice couldn’t see the air on a given day, no one could see the air on that day, and they all just sat in their various ships, waiting for orders to lift off.

The nanites were a species of love. They were in fact, nothing but love. Nestled within themselves, they counted only themselves. They counted the stars, too, that was true, but they also counted their interior nubs. They were modules, but they were also contained within soft-sown fields you could interact with, like magnetic fields, and other types of fields you could just barely see on the horizon, but only to a certain degree, and then you were left on your own, standing by the perimeter fence, waiting like an idiot to be drowned… the runt of the litter. But also waiting to be welcomed. But mostly no one ever felt very welcomed around that part of the country.

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