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Thanks to LIEF magazine

27 Nov

Thanks to Mike Finley and LIEF magazine for publishing MEETING

I heard about this place where you could go, this house, not far from the street where I lived, where you could go, and they would be having a meeting, and you could attend this meeting. So I headed out on my bike the next day to go to a meeting. I had the flu. I felt crappy. But was determined to go through with this. I was scared. I was so scared. I kept riding backward, back toward home, thinking, fuck it, I don’t need this, I’m sick, I don’t need to do this today. Then I’d think, don’t be a wimp, and I’d turn around and ride back forward to where I’d been going all along. I finally managed to get up the courage to go and knock on the door of the house where they held the meetings and then, when they answered the door, to actually go in and join the meeting. I didn’t like the meeting much, but there I was. I was there. Just being there at the meeting was enough. I didn’t have to like it. I could tell people, after the meeting got out, that I’d been there, that I’d attended the meeting. People would know I had been to a meeting and this would make me the sort of person who went to meetings. He’s been to a meeting, they would say, and they would like me.