Serial Library passage Apr 21

21 Apr

Roger can’t see out his sunglasses. That’s how bad they are scratched. He goes into work and forgets to get the glasses off. He just leaves them on to try to keep the headache from getting in any further. There is some music playing in his head. He sits in the staff lounge tapping his fingers. You can’t see where his eyes are going because of the glasses. He’s supposed to be starting work pretty soon.

Alice comes in.

Roger says, “Hey Alice, you know that song, it goes, Ba ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba bump bump bump bump, baaa. I should’ve known da da da da da da da, well, I’ve learned my lesson well in life and I’ve learned my lesson well, the roller coaster ride you took me on is at an end, if I never see your face again, it’s all the same to me, well I think the worst is over now, yeah, it’s gonna be alright, the morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball. That’s what the song is called, Red Rubber Ball.”

“I don’t know it,” says Alice.

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