Serial library passage June 16

16 Jun

I was wrapping right up until Christmas Eve. Then we got up Christmas morning and the kids tore open all their presents, and Sammy cried because he didn’t get the exact thing he wanted. Shortboy tried to take Sammy’s toys, so Sammy hit Shortboy and Shortboy hit Sammy back. Then it was all over. There was this sort of lull in my life and I had time to feel really depressed. Something like that really makes no big difference though. I have other projects on the go. I got pretty busy soon after that with other things. It doesn’t matter what. It was the same when my first book came out. I stopped doing everything after it came out. I sat around waiting for people to call me for interviews. A couple people called. Then it was over. Then I just sat there a little longer. It was inevitable that I’d find something else to keep me busy.


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