Two women and a balcony

28 Jul

Two women sat out on a balcony.

The wind took the trees and tossed aside their branches

like warlords skewering babies on sticks

to roast this evening for dinner.

Dark clouds rode the sky like hobbled horsemen

cantering to their doom.

One of the women on the balcony was a bit fat around the middle

and she smelled a little of pee

and when she smiled she looked determined

and she came out on the balcony in her underwear sometimes.

She lived alone and was frightened.

But right now she wasn’t alone.

Right now she was with this other woman

and the two women sat out on the balcony together

with their glasses of wine glittering in the light

whenever the sun appeared beneath the clouds

as it made its relentless decent.

The two women looked at the view.

The view was some trees

with birds in them.

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