7 Dec

Melissa had this way of standing. Her weight on one foot. Looking at the air beside her. She did this now. Then looked at me. She was thin as a wisp. A child. Beautiful. Her motion. The angle she maintained above the ground. Her grace. She cried. This is what I had not expected. Never in my life. I had not seen this coming. Not any of it. I sat Melissa down in my extra chair that I keep in my cubicle. I asked her if I could get her anything. She cried. Ran the back of her hand over her eyes. I opened a drawer in my desk. I’d put some Kleenex in there a long time ago. I tried to get it out. I pulled out CDs. Some tape. A stapler. A chocolate bar. An empty aspirin bottle. Melissa laughed. I finally got the Kleenex. Held out the box to her.

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