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29 Jun

I saw spots.
I put my head down.
Cards spit out of the machine.
It’s endless, I thought.
I’m so tired.



29 Jun

It was midnight.
Mother had already gone home.
We didn’t know it at the time, but we would never see her again.
Turtles crept over the bank of the river out back and plunked into the water like stones.


29 Jun

When Dot was passing out the food to the five grandmothers she must have rejoiced in her heart seeing the miracle – plenty of food for everyone. She came back into the kitchen and looked at me. “You made a lot of food,” she said.


29 Jun

She liked that thing Robyn said she liked in the book.
She liked letters from men that ended in love.
She watched the strange procession of Saturday morning creatures passing by.
She kicked a stone.