Mary comes home with a new perrenial

5 Jul

 Mary comes home with a new perennial that she got at the grocery store garden centre the night she picked up Mark at work because I was at the Metaphora book launch and couldn’t pick him up. She comes out to the yard between loads of laundry. I’m sitting in the lounge chair. Voovie is asleep at the end of the chair with his little paws over his eyes. He’s snoring softly. The dryer vent is blowing warm air above and to the left of my head. I can hear it humming. Voovie’s paws twitch. When the dryer first came on, tufts of grey lint floated down onto me and Voovie. Mary is digging in the garden near where my feet sit splayed around the chair. She talks while she digs. “Look at all these little bulbs.” She holds up a clump of dirt for me to see. It’s got scraggly green leaves going out of one end and little white balls in among hairy looking roots. She cradles it in her gloved hands and carries it across our tiny yard. She drops it into a little hole that she’s dug in the garden opposite to where she got it. We have two flower gardens bordering a lawn that’s maybe twelve feet wide and ten feet deep. Between the lawn and our back door is a stone patio about the same size as the lawn itself, making our yard about twenty feet deep in total. On the other side of the six-foot slat wood fence at the end of the yard is a tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it is. Mary is pulling on something in the garden near where she just dropped the bulbs. She grunts. “I can’t get this out,” she says. “Don’t hurt yourself,” I tell her. “Do you need help?” I ask. “Maybe,” she says. I don’t really want to get up from this chair. “Go get a bigger shovel and I’ll help you when I finish eating,” I say. I’m eating a dish of leftover Chinese food that Mary brought out to me a few minutes ago, after I asked her if she would mind bringing me something to eat.  “What do you want?” she had asked. “Surprise me,” I had told her. Mary wades deeper into the garden. “I think I just need to get a better angle,” she says. She pulls again and whatever it is she is pulling at comes out. 


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