I’m eating Wegmans peanut butter at the kitchen counter

7 Jul

 I’m standing at the kitchen counter, eating Wegmans peanut butter and bananas on toast. Deve is downstairs talking to himself. He’s playing the piano. He’s learning a new Zelda tune. In a minute, I’ll go into the living room and download the latest version of Craig’s book, which I’m editing, on my computer. I don’t want to go into the living room with my peanut butter and banana on toast, because Mogie, who is sleeping in the living room, will smell any food I bring in there and try to eat it. Mogie is not as pushy as Voovie when it comes to food, but still… I don’t want to have to deal with it. In his latest version of the book, Craig has renamed the doctor, Doc Sparling. He thinks this is funny. And now, as I stand at the kitchen counter eating Wegmans peanut butter and banana on toast, I see that it really is pretty funny. I laugh to myself and then take another bite of peanut butter and banana on toast. When I get into the living room, having finished my snack, I see out the window that Ron, the neighbour on the other side of the park behind our townhouse, has his little outboard motor, which he uses on his canoe, sitting beside his car. His car is parked in the visitors’ parking. On really quiet days, Ron likes to disrupt the silence of the neighbourhood by running this little motor. He props it up on a hobby horse and submerges the prop in a blue recycling bin full of water, then revs the motor over and over again. It makes that burbling sound you invariably hear when you are sitting on a dock in cottage country. Ron usually works in his garage, but today his wife is sitting out on the front porch and I have to assume that he hates her so much that he can’t stand to be too close to her. 


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