At 6:30 I drive uptown to get Parky

11 Jul

  At 6:30 PM I go out to the car and drive uptown to get Parky. He gets off work tonight at seven. I get a parking spot right in front of Arcadia Music, which almost never happens. It’s six forty-five. Mary wants me to get her some acrylic paint so she can paint this ceramic decoration she keeps out in the yard. She already painted it once many years ago, with nail polish, but the polish wore off eventually. Now she’s started painting it with acrylic paint, but she only has two colours plus black for the insides of the black eyed susies. She wants more colours so I go into the dollar store that is three stores over from Arcadia and get two kinds of blue, two kinds of green, plus tuttie fruitie pink and also white. It costs me eight something. Then I check the time on my iPod and since I still have some time I go into Loblaws and buy their last two pieces of fresh Atlantic salmon that they have on sale for $2.99 a piece. Then I sit in the car and wait for Parky, who comes out a few minutes later, tosses his guitar into the back and climbs in to lie in the backseat. “You mind if we stop in at grandma’s?” I ask. Parky groans but says, “Sure, fine.” Mom is up at the beach, where my sister lives. My sister’s kid, Sophie, is home for a couple weeks from Africa, where she has a job at the Canadian consulate. My mom is excited to hang out with her two great grandchildren who have been in Africa for the past year or so. We’re checking in on Mom’s apartment while she’s out at my sister’s. Park waters Mom’s plants while I get her mail. Then we drive home and I barbecue the salmon while he husks some corn and throws it into a pot of boiling water. The cats come down when they smell the corn and we give them the naked cobs to lick when we finish the first couple pieces. We leave some corn for Mary, who is upstairs riding the stationary bike and won’t be down in time to eat with us.

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