The girl in the hall 

18 Jul

There is a girl sitting behind a book truck in the hall outside digitization. She is sorting books and listening to her iPod. I say hi as I pass by on my way to the staff kitchen, but I think maybe she just doesn’t hear me. Or maybe she hates me. Maybe she hates everyone. Or maybe she just hates me. Her eyes look glassy. On the way back from the kitchen to my cubicle, I try to make eye contact, but the girl doesn’t even look up. Later, when I go to the washroom, she is still sitting in the same place, only now she isn’t sorting the books. She is staring at her iPod, which is sitting on a stack of boxes that is piled beside her. The boxes have photocopy paper in them. When I go home an hour later, the girl is still there, but she has her head tipped back. It looks like she is trying to read the sign on the wall behind her, only because of the way she has here head tilted the words on the sign must be upside down for her. I go back the next day to see if I can read the sign upside down, but the girl is back. Or else she never left. But she couldn’t have stayed there all night, right? Wouldn’t security have kicked her out? Or maybe they wouldn’t. I realize I don’t know much of anything for sure. I wish I knew more. The way a doctor or a lawyer knows. Although, the last few times I went to the doctor, he didn’t seem to know much. 

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