All I do is write

26 Jul

Before I go to class, I buy two muffins and a cup of coffee. The building is crowded and I watch for people I know from class. I see Vanna so we walk together. She tells me she’s got a story to read. She asks if I do a lot of writing for this class. I tell her no, although this is a lie. All I do is write. Vanna says she herself doesn’t do much writing. Lately, she says, she hasn’t done anything for any of her classes. The more she has to do, the less she does. She says she feels paralyzed. I ask her what exactly it is she has to do. She says she has an assignment for script writing. This is the only thing she mentions. She asks me what I did on the weekend. “Nothing,” I say. But then I tell her we went out for dinner at a friend’s on Saturday night. I tell her we saw a video called Dangerous Liaisons. “That was an excellent movie,” she says. “Didn’t you love that movie? I loved it!” I tell Vanna I thought the movie was pretty good, but the quality of the videotape was poor. The top of the screen was distorted so that every time somebody stood up you couldn’t see their face. It was fine as long as people were sitting. “That must have been annoying,” Vanna says.

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