Don’t put a serial library book on a shelf like you own it. It’s a library book.

You can keep a serial library book as long as you are using it, opening it, enjoying it, carrying it around, showing it to friends.

When you find yourself ignoring it, taking it for granted, leaving it on a shelf somewhere for days at a time, pass it on to someone else.

Tell the person you pass the book along to that it’s a library book. They should keep it as long as they are enjoying it, but they should be prepared to loan it to somebody else when they stop picking it up and opening it.

If you’ve got a serial library book now, send me an email and tell me who you are and where you live.

If you don’t want to loan your serial library book to someone else, please return it to me.

If you need to mail the book – to me or someone you want to loan it to – and you can’t afford the postage, send me an email with your address and how much money you need for postage and I’ll send you the money.

Contact me at



1. Original title: TRY by Dennis Cooper

My title: I will kick you in the head… or The last time I saw the wind

Borrower: Greg in Brooklyn

Borrower: Cory in Brooklyn [June 2012]


2. Original title: EXTRAVAGANZA by Gordon Lish

My title: At the beach, the chairs unclenched like white flowers…

Borrower: Rob in Ottawa

Borrower: Derek in Calgary

Borrower: returned to Ken

Borrower: Terry in St. Catherines [May, 2012]

Borrower: Carla in Hamilton

Borrower: Toni in Windsor


3. Original title: BRIGHT PATHS TO ADVENTURE by Gordon Sinclair

My title: None

Borrower: Derek in Toronto [February 2012]


4. Original title: THE ELIZABETH STORIES by Isabel Huggan

My title: Old faithful gushes the grizzly roars the elk bugles

Borrower: Michael in Vancouver

Borrower: Maria in Vancouver

Borrower: Sean in Vancouver

Borrower: Elisa in Vancouver

Borrower: Paolo in Vancouver [May 2012]


5. Original title: REQUIEM FOR MY BROTHER by Marian Botsford Fraser

My title: None

Borrower: Susan in Toronto

Borrower: Howard in Toronto

Borrower: Christina in Toronto [April 2012]

Borrower: Jason in Toronto [August 2012]


6. Original title: DER ARME HEINRICH ROSENKRANZ by Kubelka

My title: None

Borrower: Kathy in Omaha

Borrower: Mary in Blair NE

Borrower: Ashley in Gretna, Nebraska (June 2012)


7. Original title: HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE? by Sheila Heti

My title: Softness (Revolutionary War Machine)

Borrower: Barbara in Toronto

Borrower: Ed in Toronto

Borrower: Jamie in Toronto (June 2012)

Borrower: Anakana in Vancouver (May 2013)



My title: Style book

Borrower: Paula in Brooklyn [May 2012]


9. Original title: NEW WORLDS TO CONQUER

My title: Through native eyes

Borrower: Pasha in Toronto

Borrower: Mike in Montreal [May 2012]


10. Original title: REMEMBERING THE BONES by Francis Itani

My title: Cloud Could

Borrower: Pasha in Toronto [May 2012]

Borrower: ?? [loaned at KTR Book Exchange May 2012]


11. Original title: THE ADVENTURES OF COUNT FATHOM, vol. 1 by Tobias Smollett

My title: Tractor and horse

Borrower: Kristyn in Toronto [May 2012]


12. Original title: FOLLY by Marthe Jocelyn

My title: Bookmark

Borrower: Jonah in Cambridge [June 2012]


13. Original title: KON-TIKI by Thor Heyerdahl

My title: Doors slung open

Borrower: Julian in Toronto [August 2012]

Borrower: [returned to Ken September 2012]


14. Original title: WHY CATHOLICS ARE RIGHT by Michael Coran

My title: Them Damn Jalopy

Borrower: Adam in Toronto [August 2012]

Borrower: Carey in Toronto [December 2012]


15. Original title: DANISCHES KOCHEN by Elizabeth

My title: Science can enrich lives

Borrower: Beth and Stan in St. John’s [October 2012]


16. Original title: STORMY WEATHER: FOURSOMES, by Stan Dragland

My title: None

Borrower: Susan in Toronto [December 2012]


17. Original title: EVERYTHING’S DIFFERENT ON THE JOB, by Alemany Press

My title: I’m not stupid, you know

Borrower: Greg in NYC [January 2013]


18. Original title: THE UNKNOWN REGION, ed. Eileen Campbell

My title: Peyton Place

Borrower: Derek in Toronto [April 2013]


19. BOX 1 – Arabic book with McSweeny #20 spine

Borrower: Derek in Toronto [April 2013]


20. BOX 2 – Green Indigo Gift Card box decorated

Borrower: Anakana in Vancouver [May 2013]

2 Responses to “RULES + BOOKS”

  1. mjboyce January 5, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    “Cloud. Mirror, Pillow, Carrot. The prince was surprised at the power of these names.”

  2. Kathy Lee January 19, 2012 at 2:47 am #

    The cat looks very happy on your lap there, said the prince. The girl set her book down on the couch beside her. She looked at the cat. The cat looked crabby, she thought.

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